Blog Review

Hello again everybody, today I will be reviewing a blog that is similar to mine with hope to gain insight on how a successful dog blog is run. I have chosen to review a blog called “two traveling dogs”, featuring two sheriffs dogs named “peanut butter brickle” and “Digby Pancake”. This blog really caught my eye with its extreme organization, creativity, and I really like how the blog is written by one of the dogs each week!(not really obviously, but from the dogs perspective).

As I said before, I really like the organization of this blog. Not only is the home page creative and filled with pictures from both dogs, but it also has links giving visitors access to the bloggers podcast, information about both Digby and Brickle, and even a “2 Traveling Dogs” shop, among many other features. Not only does this blog display many features, but it also posts quality content that is both relevant to the dogs and entertaining. The most recent post, narrated by Sherriff Peanut Butter Brickle talks about his day in the aftermath of his partner Digby’s paw injury. Being without his friend, Brickle tries to talk to a cat he thought looked pretty, only to find she had no depth and did not interest him.

For anybody looking for a blog focusing on dogs, this blog should defiantly be followed. This blog is both funny and well written, giving in depth, first person views on the day in the life of a couple of dog best friends. I Recommend everybody go check it out, this blog can be found and followed using the following link.

Meet Peanut Butter Brickle and Digby Pancake




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